Why Every Female Driver Should Have Their Car Windows Tinted

Tinted car windows are generally great for everyone. Regardless of age or gender, it will give drivers the protection, safety and comfort that can greatly improve their driving and prevent road accidents. At the same time, many also consider the idea of tinting their windows, not only to make their cars look more attractive, but also for a number of practical reasons.

Today, more and more females opt to drive themselves instead of commuting or hiring personal drivers. According to collected data for a study by RAC Foundation in 2012, over 13.8 million females have a driver’s license, which is a 23 percent rise in 1995-2010.

If you are a female driver and have never considered the idea of car window tinting, then now is the time to look at some of the benefits you can get by modifying your vehicle with stylish tinted windows.

Classier and a more sophisticated ride

Deciding to tint your car windows is more than just the looks and the appearance of your ride. But you can’t deny the difference is makes. Tinted windows make your car more sophisticated, classy and mysterious, if you may. Having tinted car windows gives out the message that you are the kind of driver that takes time and effort to care for your vehicle from the outside and in.


Privacy and Safety is everything

Privacy inside vehicles is always an issue, especially for female drivers specifically because privacy can also translate to safety and security. Let’s face it: women are physically more vulnerable when it comes to crimes, especially late at night. Female drivers also attract more perpetrators, regardless of place, time or other circumstances.

Though tinting your car may be all about protecting your belongings inside from car theft, keep in mind that the first thing you should defend and protect is yourself. Thieves are less likely to target your car if they do not know what’s inside: you and your belongings.

Shaded glass can prevent others from identifying the driver in the first place. If the windows are dark enough, a lone female driver becomes just another vehicle on the road. Tints allow you to attract less attention, which consequently less of a target. Blending in to a crowd of traffic keeps female drivers safer. In a way, tinted windows can be considered as a defensive device on the road.

Your children’s protection and comfort

The RAC study found that majority of female drivers are aged 30 and above. Assuming they are married and with kids, it is safe to say that mothers out there driving have only one and the same concern: the safety of their children. More often than not, they are more concerned about their safety and security compared to their own. Children’s thinner skin can be more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, making them more prone to sunburn and rashes when they are out driving, especially on long periods of time.

Window tints also provide your children with comfort from cooler temperature. Tinted cars block out and the suns rays and reduce the heat inside the vehicle, making them more cozy inside, while mummy is driving. An irritated child is the least thing you should worry about when you’re behind the wheel.

female driver skin protection

Skin and Health Concerns

Did you know that women drive 10,142 miles per year? Imagine the time they spend inside their cars, under the heat of the sun. Contrary to the belief, the sun’s UV rays still affect your skin even if you are inside your vehicle.

Women are generally more concerned of their skin than men. Those wrinkles, age spots and fine lines are caused by long exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which can be blocked by tinted car windows. Direct sunlight also accelerates ageing, which is one topic you don’t want to bring up to women. UV rays can also bring about more serious skin matters such as skin cancer, when you are exposed under direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time. Imagine if you are stuck in traffic, or in a road trip with your friends and family, how much UV rays did your skin get?

Tinted car windows reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99%, while your typical sunblock only manages to block a portion of it.

Road accidents prevention

Statistics show that female drivers tend to be involved in more road accidents than male drivers. In fact, one research in the UK concludes that almost half a million car crashes are caused by women. Researchers looked at 6.5million car crashes and found a higher than expected number of accidents between two female drivers. They also discovered that women have a tough time negotiating crossroads, T-junctions and slip roads. The results are even more surprising given that men spend more time behind the wheel than women. On average, men drive 60 per cent of the time, and women 40 per cent.
Car tints help female drivers lessen the probability of road accidents. Research shows that majority of accidents on the road are caused by the glare from a light source: the sun’s rays, other cars’ lights or even light reflected by snow during winter. Tinted windows can also contribute in preventing accidents by maintaining a comfortable environment inside the vehicle while driving, which lessens the distraction.