Tune Up Your Car Before Traveling This Holiday Season

Tune Up Your Car

The holidays is the perfect time for most people to be on the road and travel. However, before you set off anywhere, you need to prepare your vehicle. However, experts advise that car owners and motorists who wants peace peace of mind before traveling should have their vehicles undergo a thorough safety inspection. One of the easiest ways of preparing for a long road trip is scheduling a check up with your trusted mechanic. Professionals will perform basic maintenance on your vehicle before you head out such as checking wipers and fluid levels. They can also do as oil changes or tune ups that will make the condition of your vehicle only better.

Don’t wait till the last minute to hop in the car and take off. Prepare well ahead of time by getting a tune up on your car, making sure that everything is in order before you hit the road. So, what exactly do you need to check before you embark on your road trip?

Before setting out, note these helpful tips so as to reduce the chances of breakdowns and accidents while on the roadways:

Inspect your tires

Having a flat tire sucks—imagine what more during a long drive. Assess the air pressure of your tires and make sure there are no bulges and holes. Moreover, for any tears or bulges in the side wall. The tires should have a good amount of tread left. The easiest way to measure this, if you don’t have a gauge, is to hold a coin upside down in the tread. If the tire treads are worn out, you have to change tires as soon as possible.

Check out wipers, filters, etc.

Check the condition of your wiper blades, pollen filter (car cabin) and air filters. Replace them if necessary. This will improve the vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

Prepare your GPS system

Knowing your route before hand will help you get where you’re going, making it easy to find a fuel station or restaurants along the way, especially when unexpected emergencies or accidents happen. Bringing traffic-enabled devices can also warn of roadway congestion, and all units can assist in finding an alternate route

Pack an emergency kit

The only thing worse than breaking down is breaking down on a busy stretch of motorway without the necessary equipment to make sure you and your passengers remain safe. It should include medical supplies, a first aid kit, medicines, food, water, extra clothes, etc. Additionally, an emergency kit should also cater to your car. Make sure you have a spare tire, oils, a flashlight, rags, extra spark plugs, and anything else recommended by your trusted mechanic.

Wash your car

While others might say: “why wash the car before a trip? It will only get dirtier afterwards.” Others might forget that lean the windows of your car for the best visibility. Washing it before a trip lets you inspect your car better, since you will be looking at parts more closely.

Check the condition of your wiper blades, filter cabins, and air filters

Replace them if necessary. This will improve the vehicle’s performance and efficiency. You should also remember to check whether your headlights and tail lights are working to ensure your safety when driving during nighttime.

Keep in mind that fully and correctly preparing your car will avoid any breakdowns or mechanical issues, and keep you and your companions safe. As the cliché goes, “it is better to be safe than sorry.”, or “prevention is better than cure.” True enough, while accidents can happen any where, any time, and to any one, you can only prepare for the worst, rather than prevent it from happening.