Dangers of Not Having Your Car Tinted (Infographic)

Dangers of not having your car tinted

Not having your car windows tinted does not only make your car less pretty, but it brings in some dangers for yourself and your family as well. More than the benefits car tinting promises, it is also one added measure of protecting the driver and the passengers from any factors that can cause an accident, or even during accidents itself. Window tinting may appear to serve aesthetic purposes, but having…


Removing Old Car Window Tints

removing old car window tint

Removing old car window tints is not as easy as it sounds. Over time, your car tints will fade, peel, bubble, which are give away signs you must replace them as soon as you can. As much as you would like to cling on to your car window tints, everything deteriorates with time and age. It has to be removed and replaced.  Generally, the ‘life’ of your car’s tint films…


When is the Best Time to Have Your Cars Tinted?

best season for window tinting

You have finally decided to have your car tinted! But, because you want only the best for your prized property, you may have wondered, when can you get the best deal in car tinting? Does the time or season you have yours installed matter? Well, the short answer would be an outstanding yes. Did you know that the weather and season of when you choose to have the window tints…


Why Cheap Car Tints Are Dangerous And Not Worth It (Infographic)

Why Cheap Car Tints Are Dangerous And Not worth It

Window car tinting is an investment—a great one that is. That being said, everybody can agree that having your vehicle’s windows tinted is not the cheapest thing in the country. This is why it is not surprising that many car owners think of (and are tempted) to get cheap tints for their precious belonging. Does it sound ironic? Do-it-yourself tint kits are available in the market today. Moreover, smaller and…