Ways Tints Can Protect Your Car This Holiday Season

protect your car this season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s finally Christmas! As the year is nearing its close, majority of the people looks forward to just enjoying the last few days before the start of 2018. Though it may seem to be the last of the priorities, your vehicles should be one of the things you should give more attention during this cold season. Cars are very similar to the…


The Lifespan of Car Window Tints

car window tint lifespan

Everything has a lifespan or a shelf life. No matter how much care and effort you put into it, all things are meant to break down and be replaced eventually. Every part of a vehicle eventually needs some maintenance. Some will even need to be replaced in given time. Car window tints are not an exemption to this rule. In the same way that parts of your vehicle will tire…


Signs That Your Tint Company Is A Scam (Infographic)

Signs That Your Tint Company Is A Scam-01

Because of the sudden demand of car window tinting, more and more companies have been sprouting up recently to accommodate the demand. True enough, as the number of car owners who want to have their car windows tinted increases, more and more people will want to start up tinting companies as well—as soon as possible. This encouraged three-day tinting courses which is not really ideal since tinting is a meticulous…


Tinting Your Car Soon? Here’s How to Score the Best Deals!

car window soon

With more and more people being enlightened on the long list of benefits they can have if they have their car windows tinted, a sudden boost in the tinting industry were present. As evidenced by the dramatic increase of tint shops and companies, many car owners are now convinced that tinting is a must-have, not just a mere luxury or accessory for their vehicle. Still, some people may have second…


Are Your Tints Too Dark?

Dark window

As much as it is beneficial to have your car windows tinted, doing it a little bit overboard has its disadvantages too. Yes, car window tinting gives comfort, protection, and safety to the driver and their passengers but doing it wrong, i.e. tinting the windows too dark can also bring dangers too. Professional Tinting Businesses have a tool in determining the percentage or level of darkness a tint film has….


Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before DIY-ing Your Car Tint (Infographic)

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before DIY-ing Your Car Tint

Now that you have decided that car tinting is for you and your benefit, the next thing to consider is its application. Consumers usually have two options for tinting their cars windows: Do it themselves with a DIY window-tinting kit or hire a professional. With all the available DIY Car Tinting kits offered in the market today, it is tempting to just tint your car on your own instead of leaving…


Why You Should Avoid Using Cheap Tints (Infographic)

Why you should avoid using Cheap Tints

Having your cars tinted has many benefits it can offer to the car’s driver and passengers. Indeed, more and more people acknowledge this and are eager to have their vehicles installed. But, because of its costly price tag, some change their mind, while some resort to another alternative: choosing cheap and low quality tints. At some point, car owners may be tempted and consider to get cheap tints for their…


5 Car Window Tints and The Truth Behind Them

car window tint

Window tints are some of the vehicle upgrades that may still confuse car owners everywhere, especially new owners. And across the Internet, there are various facts and opinions about window tints that may not necessarily be true – they may be founded on myths that ought to be cleared lest they leave you in confusion. Here are the top five myths that surround window myths and what you need to…


Health Benefits of Car Tints to Drivers and Passengers

Health benefits of car tints to drivers and passengers

One of the selling points of getting your car windows tinted is its promise of protecting the health of the driver and his or her passengers. A lot of people don’t know the fact that the sun is a major factor that affects their health, especially when they are exposed under it over longer periods of time. According to the World Heath Organization, majority of people often disregard the harmful…


How to Prolong the Life of Your Car Tints

How to prolong the life of your car tints

Admit it: tints don’t come cheap. This is why preserving and working to maintain its good condition should be one of your priorities as a car owner. Indeed, your job does not end in having the films applied to your vehicle windows. Like un-tinted car windows, you need to clean them too. But, the process is not the same. Cleaning newly-tinted windows is a simple process as long as you…