5 Car Window Tints and The Truth Behind Them

car window tint

Window tints are some of the vehicle upgrades that may still confuse car owners everywhere, especially new owners. And across the Internet, there are various facts and opinions about window tints that may not necessarily be true – they may be founded on myths that ought to be cleared lest they leave you in confusion. Here are the top five myths that surround window myths and what you need to…


How Much Will Your Car Tinting Cost? (Infographic)

How Much Will Your Car Tinting Cost

Many people today acknowledge the importance of having your window cars tinted, not only for the benefits it provides its passengers, but also for the classier, edgier look it gives a vehicle. However, some may shy away in pursuing the installation of car tints after knowing that this comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, majority regard car window tinting as a long term investment, which promises to take…


UV Radiation and Driving: What You Need to Know

UV Radiation

It may not be believable at first, but there’s more to keeping safe in your car than just the standard measures of safety bags, seatbelts, and a vehicle that’s in tiptop shape. A surprising danger that drivers and passengers all face while inside a car is the risk of skin cancer due to excessive exposure to UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation determined that “[n]early 53 percent of skin cancers…


How Your Pets Can Benefit From Your Car Tints (Infographic)

How your pets can benefit from your car tints

Many people treat their pets as friends and family. Most of the time, they prefer doing things with their furry best friends—they like to eat with them, sleep beside them, and even let them join long road trips to beaches or even mountains. Add to that the growing number of service and therapy dogs that need to be with their human companions almost all the time. Every one who has…


Will You Spend More or Save More When You Choose to have Car Tints?

car window tint

While some people think window tinting is just an unnecessary luxury because of its hefty price tag, the truth is it is a long term investment. In reality, car tinting is a long term investment for you, your family’s and your valuables’ safety in the long run. It is an investment in protection and piece-of-mind. The benefits of car window tinting are for more than just the looks, privacy and…


Qualities To Look For In A Good Tinting Company (Infographic)

Qualities to look for in a good tinting company

Now that you have decided to have your car windows tinted, which company would you entrust your property? Many people consider their cars one of their most prized possession. After all, buying and maintaining a car does not come with a cheap price tag, especially in the UK. Truth be told, investing in having your car windows tinted can be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your vehicle,…


Health Benefits of Car Tints to Drivers and Passengers

Health benefits of car tints to drivers and passengers

One of the selling points of getting your car windows tinted is its promise of protecting the health of the driver and his or her passengers. A lot of people don’t know the fact that the sun is a major factor that affects their health, especially when they are exposed under it over longer periods of time. According to the World Heath Organization, majority of people often disregard the harmful…


Benefits of Tinting During The Summer Season (Infographic)

Benefits of Tinting During The Summer Season-01

Summer is the most awaited time for many. It is the time to go on breaks, vacations, and do a lot of travelling, be it international or at home. This is also the perfect time to bond with your family and friends, since classes have ended. Most go on long road trips during the break. But, did you know that summer is also a great time to have your car…


How to Prolong the Life of Your Car Tints

How to prolong the life of your car tints

Admit it: tints don’t come cheap. This is why preserving and working to maintain its good condition should be one of your priorities as a car owner. Indeed, your job does not end in having the films applied to your vehicle windows. Like un-tinted car windows, you need to clean them too. But, the process is not the same. Cleaning newly-tinted windows is a simple process as long as you…


Dangers of Not Having Your Car Tinted (Infographic)

Dangers of not having your car tinted

Not having your car windows tinted does not only make your car less pretty, but it brings in some dangers for yourself and your family as well. More than the benefits car tinting promises, it is also one added measure of protecting the driver and the passengers from any factors that can cause an accident, or even during accidents itself. Window tinting may appear to serve aesthetic purposes, but having…