Is there an ideal company when it comes to car window tinting?

Applying tinting foil

Car tinting, like art should not be rushed in any aspects applicable. No experts are made overnight—or in this case, three days. There are a lot of things that should be learned when it comes to tinting car windows. It is not enough that one knows the process of it, but it is also essential he masters it and knows the rationale behind the principles of flawless and high quality…


Do it yourself vs. Professional Car Window Tinting Installation (Infographic)

Professional Car Window Tinting Installation

It is human nature to want to spend less and save more. With almost anything, majority wants a deal which they can spend less and get more. Car window tinting is not an exception. Tinting your vehicle can be can be considered a luxury because of its hefty price tag. However, because of its long list of benefits, it’s proven to be an investment, rather than just an added accessory….


Why You Should Get Your Car Window Tinted Today? (Infographic)

Why you should get your car window tinted today?

As a car owner, you are probably wondering what accessories to get your vehicle: should you install a dashboard camera? What about upgrading its stereo system? Or maybe you just need a new paint job to make it look brand new again? Have you considered applying window tints on them? More and more car owners are convinced that car window tints is one of the most needed and must have…


Summer Safety: The Dangers of Leaving Pets in a Hot Car! (Infographic)

Summer Safety The Dangers of Leaving Pets in a Hot Car-01

It should be a given fact: leaving your pet inside a hot vehicle is a no-no, but not all people know that leaving their dogs inside parked vehicles when the temperatures climb above 90 degrees Fahrenheit could even be fatal for our furry friends. Every year, more and more cases of dogs who are left in parked cars are recorded. Sadly, this means that the number of pets who suffer…


Save Energy Costs with Car Tinted Windows

save energy costs with window tinting

Unlike what many people think, deciding to tint your car windows is not actually an expense, but rather a long term investment which will let you reap its rewards in the long run. Moreover, it is also a way of saving money—contrary to the notion of it being an additional cost that car owners need to pay. Car tinting does not come with a hefty price tag for nothing. Most…


Spring Driving Tips (Infographic)

Spring Driving Tips

Spring is arguably one of the best seasons for car owners. Aside from the desirable weather conditions, it is also one of the perfect time to prepare for summer and offset the damages and repairs brought about by winter. At the same time, spring gives the perfect condition for driving. However, experts have traced a pattern which shows accidents still happen on the road. While the sun bright during these…


Tips to Choose the Right Car Window Tint (Infographic)

Tips to choose the right car window tint-

While all tints aim to promote privacy while still allowing plenty of light and visibility inside. It cuts down on glare. It helps keep the heat out during the summer months but keeps it in during the winter, thus reducing the costs of air conditioning and heating. In addition to blocking sunlight, some window-tinting film can also block dangerous ultraviolet rays, not all tint film types are created equal.


Determining the Cost of Your Car’s Window Tinting

cost of your car’s window tinting

Many people today acknowledge the importance of having your window cars tinted, not only for the benefits it provides its passengers, but also for the classier, edgier look it gives a vehicle. However, some may shy away in pursuing the installation of car tints after knowing that this comes with a hefty price tag. In fact, majority regard car window tinting as a long term investment, which promises to take…


5 Questions to Ask Before Tinting Your Car Windows (Infographic)

5 Questions to ask Before Tinting your car window

People like to get their car windows tinted for many reasons. Some do it just to make their cars look visually appealing, while others do it for safety reasons. Protection from ultraviolet rays is one such reason. There are many other reasons which make people buy car window tinting. Car window tinting is great, but there are some things you need to be aware of. Automobile window tinting is expensive, so you might want to…


Top Benefits of Automotive Glass Tinting

automotive glass tinting

Tinting your car may be an easy decision, but it is usually installed for the usual reason of privacy. But, did you know that there are other benefits of car tint other than that? Here are the top 6 reasons why you will benefit if you get your car tinted: Better Driving and Road Safety A lot of drivers may disregard the brightness outside when they have a hard time…