Sun Hazards in Your Car

sun hazard in your car

More than your skin and hair, the sun can also pose a threat to your vehicle, especially when exposed under direct sunlight over a long period or time, with little or no protection. Here are some ways it can manifest it on your vehicle: Paint and Body Think of it this way: the effect of direct heat on a car’s paint isn’t that different than the effect of too much…


How to Get Your Car Ready In Autumn (Infographic)

How to Get Your Car Ready In Autumn

The autumn is finally here. As the season changes, everybody will experience shorter days and longer nights. While the season has no really massive impact on your car and driving, in general, most car experts advise owners to use this as a time to fully prepare for the coming of winter, which can be a real hassle for cars and driving as a whole. Here are some of the ways…


Car Window Tinting Tips – Choosing A Tint Shade (Infographic)

Car Window Tinting Tips – Choosing A Tint Shade-02

Majority of car owners who are considering the idea of having their cars tinted are often confronted with the dilemma of not knowing how to choose the right mobile window tint shade for their vehicle. Even though most window tinting shops will be more than happy to help you pick one, it’s important that you understand how window tints work and know some the tips on how to choose a shade to…


Is It Really Impossible to DIY Your Car Window Tinting?

Applying tinting foil

Many tinting professionals have expressed their disapproval of car owners tinting their car windows on their own. However, with all the available DIY Car Tinting kits offered conveniently in auto-shops and basically everywhere, it is tempting to just wing it and tint your car on your own. Is DIY-ing your car window impossible? Of course it is not. In fact, many have tried it and successfully made it. There are…


How Window Car Tints Help in Stretching your Car’s Lifespan (Infographic)

How window car tints help in stretching your car’s lifespan-01

Some people treat their cars and vehicles as their most prized possession. It is understandable, after all, many people work hard for it and used their hard-earned money to get it. Because of this, it is just right to invest in higher quality products and services for their vehicles, especially if its for the safety and security of the passengers. Many people don’t know that window tinting is also beneficial…


Repairing Different Tint Application Mistakes and Issues

repairing window tint

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a flawlessly tinted car windows. Maybe because they opted to do it themselves, given the numerous DIY options available in the market. Or maybe, the company they trusted with the job turned out to be not the best in business. If you see these signs on your newly-tinted car, can you fix a bad tint job yourself? More importantly, should you fix it?…


The Most Common Types of Tint Film Used in the UK (Infographic)

The Most Common Types of Tint Film Used in the UK-01

A window tint film is a thin, multi-layered polyester material that incorporates the many different layers to control different properties, including UV rays, too much heat, glare from the sun and other vehicles, and most importantly, your privacy while on the road. More than the darkness percentage, did you know you can choose what type of film should be installed on your car windows too? There are many types of…


Installing Tints Help You Save Money in the Long Run

cost of your car’s window tinting

Investing in having your car windows tinted can be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your vehicle, your road safety and driving convenience without you realizing it. Most car owners probably decided to go and have car tints installed due to the long list of benefits it promises and offers to its passengers: added safety and security from thieves, accidents and even the sun’s harmful rays. It also…


The Best Season for Car Window Tinting (Infographic)

The best season for car window tinting

While choosing to have your windows tinted is a great decision, you should take care to have this process done during the best season. Is there really a more ideal season for car window tinting? Before you book a date with your chosen professional tinting company, here are the things you have to know and consider on when is the perfect time for you to have your car windows tinted.


The History of Car Window Tinting

history of car window tinting

Car tinting has come a long way from its roots. Since more and more car owners are realizing its importance and the benefits it can provide to the safety, security, comfort, and health protection of its passengers, countless tinting companies have been put up and are being put up as the years pass by. Not only that, the technology of car window tinting is being innovated and developed today more…