Can You Fix a Bad Tint Job Yourself? (Infographic)

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a flawlessly tinted car windows. Maybe because they opted to do it themselves, given the numerous DIY options available in the market. Or maybe, the company they trusted with the job turned out to be not the best in business.

Their newly-tinted windows can often have the definitive signs that they had a bad tinting job.

One of the most obvious sign that the tinting job is done bad is the forming of bubbles in between the tint film and the glass windows. Most of the time, this is because of poor quality tint or poor installation. Sometimes it is just because of trapped air bubbles, but sometimes, bubbling can be caused by trapped debris or fibers trapped between the film and the car windows. Another sign is comparable to old tints—fading and peeling. Keep in mind that tints last for varying lengths of time, depending on many factors, but a properly installed tint should not display these attributes during the first few days of weeks after application.

If you see these signs on your newly-tinted car, can you fix a bad tint job yourself? More importantly, should you fix it? To determine whether you can fix the problem or not, you should evaluate the degree of the problems. Here are some tips on how you can correct a faulty tint job:

Can You Fix a Bad Tint Job Yourself