7 Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know (Infographic)

Basic Car Repairs Everyone Should Know

Imagine yourself being stuck at the roadside, waiting for hours just because you don’t know how to change a flat tire. You know very well the frustration of your car breaking down when you need it the most—especially when there’s no one available to help you. This is why it is rather practical that you know the basic car fixes and tricks which can come in handy during times of…


The 5 Best Holiday Gifts For Car Lovers

best holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

It’s the time of the year again when the holiday cheer is felt from the festive lights and gift giving. Now that parties and exchange gifts are here and there, thinking of the perfect gift for your friends may be a little bit challenging and overwhelming. According to gift giving experts, one of the best ways to crack down the best gift to give a friend is by knowing their…


Must Have Car Accessories For Long Travel (Infographic)

Must have car accessories for long travel

Having road trips is one of the most common ways people love to travel. As the saying goes, sometimes, the fun is in the journey rather than the destination itself. But, some may find the long hours on the road exhausting and boring. Long hours are spent with nothing to do, nothing to see but long miles of road and pavements ahead. Add to that the fact that spending a…


How Automobile Tinting Improves your Winter Driving Experience (Infographic)

How Automobile Tinting Improves your Winter Driving Experience 1

Winter driving can be a challenge. Cold weather and occasional freezes can make getting into your car each morning uncomfortable. No matter how much you enjoy driving your SUV or car, chances are the cold can affect it and make it a much more challenging experience for you, regardless of how much of an expert you are at driving. Preparing for the cold season is one of the best times…


Tune Up Your Car Before Traveling This Holiday Season

Tune Up Your Car

The holidays is the perfect time for most people to be on the road and travel. However, before you set off anywhere, you need to prepare your vehicle. However, experts advise that car owners and motorists who wants peace peace of mind before traveling should have their vehicles undergo a thorough safety inspection. One of the easiest ways of preparing for a long road trip is scheduling a check up…


Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Window Tinting Last Longer (Infographic)

Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Window Tinting Last Longer 1

Car window tinting is expensive—for all the right reasons! One way of ensuring you get the best of them is by making sure it will last longer and will not deteriorate prematurely or earlier than expected. But without the right quality, installation, and care, window tints can end up bubbling, fading, and breaking down. To prevent your tints from becoming eyesores, take proper care of your windows by knowing the…


How to Avoid A Car Window Tint Nightmare

window tint

Not everybody is lucky enough to have flawlessly tinted car windows. Maybe because they opted to trust their skills and buy a DIY tinting kit, readily available in the market. Or perhaps, the tinting company they trusted with the job turned out to be not the best in business. A bad tint job is a nightmare on two levels: First, it looks bad, all bubbling and lifting. Second, its really…


Tinted Car Window Cleaning Tips (Infographic)

Tinted car Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning newly-tinted windows is a simple process as long as you know what materials and cleaners to avoid. You have to be extra careful with cleaning your tinted windows if you want your tint to last a long time, still looking good as new. The main difference with cleaning tinted windows from cleaning non-tinted windows is the things you should use, and the things you should avoid. Knowing what products…


Window Tinting Laws in UK

UK Police

Many car owners in the United Kingdom have been convinced to have their vehicles’ windows tinted. Aside from the added aesthetic value, car window tints actually have many benefits ranging from health, beauty, safety, security and accident prevention and management. But, not everyone is aware that the government is regulating car tints. Indeed, because road safety is a serious matter, the government corresponds with intervening laws to regulate it for…