Should You Trust a 3-day Course-trained Tinting Company? (Infographic)

Should you trust a 3-day course-trained tinting company-01

Car Tinting, like art should not be rushed in any aspects applicable. No experts are made overnight—or in this case, three days. There are a lot of things that should be learned when it comes to tinting car windows. It is not enough that one knows the process of it, but it is also essential he masters it and knows the rationale behind the principles of flawless and high quality…


What Should You Know Before Getting Your Car Windows Tinted?

what should you know

Deciding to finally have your car windows tinted is one of the best favors you did for yourself. Aside from making your ride classier on the exterior, you also protect the ones you ride with—from the harmful UV rays to the added perils of road accidents. Whether you are planning to have it professionally tinted or trying to learn how to do it yourself, all the information about car tinting…


History of Car Window Tinting (Infographic)

History of Car Window Tinting

Car tinting has come a long way from its roots. Since more and more car owners are realizing its importance and the benefits it can provide to the safety, security, comfort, and health protection of its passengers, countless tinting companies have been put up and are being put up as the years pass by. Not only that, the technology of car window tinting is being innovated and developed today more…


How long does it take to tint a car?

How long does it take to tint a car

One of the most frequent considerations of car owners who are considering to have their cars tinted is the duration of the tinting process. Admit it, it is one of the most important information because not everybody can do away without using their vehicle for days. Regardless of whether you do it yourself or have it professionally tinted, car window tinting takes time and patience for the films to be…


What is Car Detailing? (Infographic)

car detailing

Most car owners think of their cars as one of their most prized possessions, after all, its cost and all the other investments they put into its maintenance does not come with a cheap price tag. This is why majority wants to prolong their vehicle’s life by ensuring that they are maintained and checked up on regularly and at the same time, clean on both the interior and exterior. One…


Window Film For Your Car 101

window tinting

Deciding to tint your car maybe a bold decision, especially for firs time car owners. Some people believe that it is not really a necessity, however, backed up by numerous data, reports, and studies, it has long been proven that choosing to tint it has nothing but benefits for you and your ride. With sufficient knowledge about what is it and how can it benefit you, you will know that…


Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel (Infographic)

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Going on road trips is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress from work and other stressors. But, before you jump into your car and start your engine, it is important that your vehicle is on its tip-top state and well-suited for long drives. You should check your car to make sure that it is in good condition and running smooth so that you reduce the chances of…


How Tinted Car Windows Provide Protection

car window tint

One of the most important benefits of having your car windows tinted is the protection it gives not only the driver of the car, but also all of the passengers. Everybody knows that driving comes with a risk all the time Protection from the harmful UV Rays It is a common misconception of people to think that as long as they are inside their vehicle, they are safe from the…


Top 4 Reasons Why Car Tinting is the Perfect Gift to Give And Receive (Infographic)

Top 4 Reasons why Car Tinting is the perfect gift to give and receive-01

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the car lover in your life—be it your dad, partner, or car enthusiast friend, you should consider getting your tinting voucher sooner than you think. Window Tinting is the Ideal Christmas Present for car enthusiasts and owners a like. It comes as a surprise, not predictable—but very useful and practical. Here are some of the other reasons why:


Are you aware of the Smash and Grab incidents over the holiday season?

smash and grab

Christmas is all about spreading love, giving, and joyful moments with your loved ones. However, not everyone can feel and appreciate the holiday cheer. Some may even take advantage of it. Police reports across the UK state that not all the things that happen during the holiday season is bright and happy. Although most people may embrace the Christmas cheer and spirit, some may take advantage of the busy streets…